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Is it a rescue or a wreck?

February 10, 2009

Re "Obama hails Senate stimulus deal," Feb. 8

This is the season for fast-water rescues in storm channels -- which in some ways resemble the current economic rescue effort. Too many senators delaying the rescue by arguing about exactly how much rope is needed and insisting that they supply not an inch more.

They may have enough faith in their ideology to make that decision, but the people depending on them for rescue might see it differently. There may be economic penalties for overestimating how much rope is needed, but the price for underestimation is far, far worse.

With such limited ability to predict the effects of rescue efforts, it is far better to err on the side of caution. In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Depression, "This nation asks for action, and action now."

Back then, members of Congress had the wisdom and integrity to do it.

Angus Andrews

Westlake Village


Congratulations to President Obama!

It took George W. Bush eight years to create our economic crisis, but in only two weeks and one piece of legislation -- the proposed stimulus package -- Obama has destroyed our economy for years to come.

Joseph J. Martino


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