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Karl Rove, comedian?

February 12, 2009

Re "Rove versus leakers," Feb. 10

I want to thank Karl Rove for giving us all a good laugh during these dark times. The idea that no one in the world knew that the U.S. intercepted e-mails and cellphone calls before the New York Times ran an article about it was really funny, though I suppose he might have made it more laughable if he'd admitted that the twist was that the government was intercepting the e-mails and phone calls of its own citizens. We were the only ones in the world that the policy had to be hidden from.

But the part about how the White House was full of people who didn't just tell the president what he wanted to hear -- that was hysterical.

Phil Brimble

Los Angeles


So Rove is proud of the tight-lipped nature of the Bush White House: "We didn't leak." I'm sure Valerie Plame would disagree.

Jeff Allison

La Habra Heights

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