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Time spent with 'The Class'

February 14, 2009

I found Patrick Goldstein's column about "The Class" intriguing ["No Dead Poets, Just Grit and Heart," Feb. 10]. It's unfortunate that he introduced it by making blanket generalizations about "most public schools around the country." As a professional mathematics teacher, I definitely agree with his comments that as a nation we put very little money and energy into providing a quality education for our children.

There are, however, many fine public schools across the nation where students are receiving a free education that is equal to or superior to many private schools around the world. Every day, many of my colleagues triumph with the same types of student portrayed in the French film.

Sarah E. Adams

Rancho Palos Verdes


I can assure Goldstein that there are thousands of gifted educators who call the Los Angeles Unified School District their home -- people who work miracles on a daily basis, making a difference in thousands of young people's lives.

It is easy to call names and make uninformed statements. It is time public schools started getting recognized for our successes, not just our failures.

Tom Iannucci

Los Angeles

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