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Left, right and Limbaugh

February 14, 2009

Re: "Who elected Rush? He did," Feb. 8

I truly feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh. Does he not realize that if President Obama fails, we all fail? Do all of his loyal followers believe that it is better to watch our country go down the drain so that this man can sit in his big house, smoke his expensive cigars and say, "I told you so"?

I never voted for George W. Bush, but he was my president, and never once did I wish him ill. Obama needs our support. It's time to put partisanship aside, along with race, gender, religious differences and even selfishness, and support this man.

Roger E. Brown

Los Angeles


It's as reliable as the sunrise. Every time someone does a hit piece on Limbaugh, they take what he says out of context. Limbaugh didn't say he hopes Obama fails; he wants Obama's effort to institute socialism to fail. So do I. So do millions of others.

The Times' definition of bipartisanship -- and Obama's (and John McCain's, for that matter) -- is for conservatives to cave in to the leftist agenda for the country. We will not. Limbaugh speaks for many of us. I hope he keeps up the good work.

Mark Bedor

South Pasadena


As a lifelong Democrat and a progressive, I hope and pray that Limbaugh stays in the spotlight as the GOP spokesman. His ideas and core beliefs have proved to be failures. Thanks to Republicans like Limbaugh, the GOP is in decline and will remain so for several generations. Limbaugh does not appeal to young voters, minorities, women or people with more than a third-grade education.

Obama couldn't ask for a better gift than to have Limbaugh spew his garbage over the airwaves for the next four years.

Mike Lockridge

Mission Viejo


After what the Democrats and their cronies in the media did to the Bush administration, I cheer the development that Limbaugh is now the de facto leader of the Republican Party. I hope and pray that Limbaugh leaves no Democrat unscathed.

A.J. Buttacavoli

Walnut Creek

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