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Lakers issues

February 14, 2009

So after Vladimir Radmanovic was traded to the Bobcats, he was quoted indicating that the triangle offense was not a good fit for him, or for other role players.

Let me translate: "I never really learned how to play this game, you know, the rebounding, defense and basic fundamental movement of the game was never really a priority. So when Phil tried to place all this responsibility on me, I just really did not know what to do. I just want to shoot the rock, man. Oh, and occasionally go snowboarding."

Another good Kupchak move . . .

Brian Haueter



Any "youngest to" record in the NBA must have "since high school players were allowed in the league" at the end of the statement. Without that caveat, those records are ridiculous.

Jeff Breslow



Congratulations to Kobe Bryant. By season's end he will be the youngest player in NBA history to put up 25,000 shots.

Andy Schwich

Santa Monica

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