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Advice is neither witty nor helpful

February 15, 2009

Regarding the "Ask Alana" column, Feb. 8:

I, along with most of your audience, wake up each day with new concerns about how we'll resolve the towering challenges of this nation's economic crisis. You offer us a column, "Ask Alana: Love and money: Advice for your wallet."

The advice is not remarkable for its wisdom or wit, and yet you've dedicated half a page to it, beginning on the front page, no less. If there is any place for such a column in your paper, it is not the Business section.

I must echo the sentiments of H. Allen Evans, whose letter also appeared in Business on Feb. 8. We're looking for perspective on financial, economic and business issues or even sound financial advice -- and we get half a page of this hollow attempt at humor in the guise of help?

Please give us more pithy and relevant news and information or conserve the newsprint and ink for a worthier purpose.

Alaine M. Weiss

Long Beach

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