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An A for Blu-ray, F for Goldstein

February 15, 2009

I read the article by Patrick Goldstein ["The Studio Report Card," Feb. 8], and I am bothered by this from his opening paragraph:

"The DVD market, which has quietly supplied the biggest pure profits for Hollywood in recent years, is in the doldrums, evidencing little hope of regaining its high-roller status, with Blu-ray looking more and more like a dud while many young consumers experiment with alternative ways of watching movies."

First, this has nothing to do with what he actually discusses in the article itself. There is never again a mention of DVD or Blu-ray in the studio's report cards. And second, while it is known that the DVD market has been plummeting, the Blu-ray sales have been increasing quite a lot and is not the dud he claims.

I am an owner of a Blu-ray player and a fan of this great high-definition format. And I read quite a lot of articles and check out websites regarding it. While DVD was down 24.3% from last year's amount, Blu-ray was up 61.4%, according to Home Media Magazine.

And this is only after two years of Blu-ray being in existence. Digital downloads, which have been around for a while, are still struggling. There isn't any optical media or digital download media that can match Blu-ray on picture quality.

Peter Bosch


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