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Protesting Yoo

February 16, 2009

Re "A quieter path for professor," Feb. 11

I am appalled that Chapman University has invited former White House lawyer John Yoo to teach its law students.

With the painfully prevalent lack of ethics today, it is shocking that Chapman is clearly more concerned about publicity for its young law school than ensuring that its students are taught by professors of great achievement, guided by high ethical standards. The last thing we need are more John Yoos in America's legal system.

Johanna Dordick

Los Angeles


There's something too easy in offering Berkeley as the singular (and stereotypical) community of resistance to Yoo.

Orange County residents -- UC Irvine staff and students -- were similarly vehement, angry and (appropriately) rude to the Bush administration apologist for criminal behavior when he appeared on our campus.

There's no need to harp on the now-cliched environs of Berkeley to illustrate citizens expressing a consensus: Americans know that torture and violating international human rights law is wrong, wrong, wrong -- and plenty are willing to shout about it, even in Orange County.

Andrew Tonkovich


The writer is a lecturer at the UC Irvine Department of English.

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