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Letters to the editor

February 17, 2009

Re "Partisan gap is nudged wider," Feb. 13

He put his left foot in, he pulled his left foot out.

He put his right foot in, and he shook it all about.

... And that's what it's all about.

Timothy Tunks

Santa Monica


I, for one, am relieved that Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) decided to withdraw his nomination to be Commerce secretary. Perhaps now President Obama will accept that Republicans simply cannot be bipartisan. Like the rest of his cohorts in the House and Senate, Gregg is simply unable to look beyond his party's own narrow view to what is best for the country.

Obama should now focus on bringing about the change he promised. If that means moving forward without Republicans, so be it. He's given them ample opportunity to work with him, and they've rejected his every overture.

They'll reap the consequences of their decision in 2010, when voters remember how Republicans refused to work with Obama to help the country out of the quagmire GOP policies sank us into.

Kim Haman


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