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Taking care of teachers

February 17, 2009

Re "Health package for L.A. Unified reached," Feb. 12

One of the reasons our taxes are being raised is the runaway cost of pensions to our government employees. This includes Cadillac health insurance.

The school board should not agree to lifelong health insurance. State and local governments have allowed unions to bully them into outrageous agreements. This is a drain on the taxpayer -- who is constantly asked to pay more. Ask unemployed workers, many of whom are professionals, if they would like the assurances granted to our public employees.

Priscilla Maystead



The Times writes of the "free lifetime benefits" that present and retired LAUSD employees receive. Please note: These benefits were earned in lieu of salary increases -- employees negotiated, with their unions and the Board of Education, to accept health benefits as part of their salary package. These health benefits have been earned by the retirees and are being earned by current employees.

I proudly served the LAUSD as a teacher and administrator for 36 years. I earned my benefits, as have all the loyal employees of the district. There are no free health benefits.

Patricia F. Kinnan

Manhattan Beach

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