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Planners delay billboard action

February 20, 2009|Phil Willon

The Los Angeles Planning Commission postponed action Thursday on a proposed ordinance regulating new billboards and commercial signs in the city.

Anti-billboard advocates, community groups and business representatives all urged the delay during a four-hour hearing in City Hall, saying that the proposal was fraught with problems and that more public comment was necessary.

The measure would outlaw new billboards, including digital displays, and supergraphics that are hung along the sides of buildings.

Overall, the space allowed for new signage would shrink to one-quarter of what is now permitted.

The commission decided to postpone consideration of the measure until March 12 and appointed a committee of four commissioners to review suggested revisions introduced at the two public hearings on the ordinance.

In December, the City Council imposed a three-month moratorium on all new signs, with a provision allowing two 45-day extensions, to buy time to replace the mishmash of codes and court rulings that regulate outdoor advertising in the city.

-- Phil Willon

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