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The Times' endorsements

February 21, 2009

Re "Trutanich for city attorney," editorial, Feb. 15

The Times' endorsement of Carmen Trutanich for city attorney is puzzling. Praising the Republican candidate for his purported agenda of "environmental prosecution and public safety" ignores his background.

Far from being an "environmental" lawyer, Trutanich makes his living defending polluters. As for "public safety," Trutanich's law firm represents the National Rifle Assn. and even boasts a Firearms Law Group, routinely fighting to keep guns on the streets.

With an endorsement based on these credentials, I suppose you would endorse the prisoners running the prison as well.

Brian Pass

Los Angeles


As a veteran prosecutor, I offer kudos to The Times for endorsing Trutanich.

He would return a culture of integrity, competence and ethics to the office in which misconduct, mismanagement and waste would no longer be tolerated. He would restore the morale that has been lost. He also would bring a return to accountability.

Trutanich can be counted on to be a city attorney serving the interests of the city, and not as a politician serving personal ambitions. The change he brings cannot arrive too soon.

Kurt I. Muller

Rancho Palos Verdes


Re "Greuel for city controller," editorial, Feb. 15, and "Greuel ad outlines 3 key targets," Feb. 15

The Times' endorsement of Wendy Greuel for city controller seems inconsistent.

You report that Greuel voted for a program proposed by the Housing Department, then, when she needed a slick campaign ad, ridiculed the program she had endorsed. Moreover, she cited that $29,000 program as an example of waste in city government. At the same time, she has not, to the best of my knowledge, uttered a word about the waste of tax dollars related to the mismanagement of the city's workforce.

I think Nick Patsaouras is far better qualified than Greuel to be city controller. He's got a track record of standing up for the people that puts Greuel to shame.

Samuel M. Sperling

Monterey Park

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