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Bill for behavior

February 21, 2009

Re "L.A. County Probation Department suspends aggressive billing of guardians," Feb. 14

Parents of juvenile delinquents should have to pay L.A. County for housing their children at juvenile detention centers. Why should taxpayers -- many of whom have children of their own -- have to foot the bill for parents who can't control their kids?

If these parents or guardians can't afford the bill, they should participate in community service with their delinquent kids and be one big, happy delinquent family.

Ernesto Gaxiola

Santa Clarita


It is virtually impossible for a parent to control a 15-year-old who refuses to cooperate. Unless we're willing to permit the use of physical force and imprisonment by parents -- essentially the same tools the state uses -- parents cannot be expected to control their nearly adult children. If the state is going to force law enforcement or penal services on children and families, presumably in the public interest, it must expect to pay the entire bill out of public funds.

Richard Weld Savary


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