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Whistle blowers

February 21, 2009

Nice to see that the referees in Arizona were consistent in calling charges against both UCLA and USC, altering both games for the home team, and raising eyebrows about their competency.

And it is nice that the NCAA makes it a point that coaches aren't to comment about missed calls, thus burying their mistakes or issuing an apology days later, which does nothing for the players or the team that had the poor call against them.

Barry Levy



I really believe that Pac-10 officiating today is just as dishonest and/or just as incompetent as Big Ten officiating was back in the '50s. It's true enough that any team anywhere on the road is down five points when they get off of the bus, but what happened twice at Tempe was beyond the pale.

Admittedly, I have no solution for the problem. The guy who sits in the oversized corner office of the Pac-10 building is the one getting paid to run an honest and competent program. He isn't performing, and his salary needs review.

Paul Ascenzi


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