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The steps to an adventure

February 22, 2009

"The Ersatz Elevator"

Lemony Snicket

This is an installment in a sad series about three children whose parents died in a fire. These children are the Baudelaires. Their parents leave behind a fortune and a greedy man named Olaf is trying to steal the fortune. When the children had previous guardians, Olaf murdered them. The kids acquire new guardians. Their names are Esme and Jerome Squalor. The Baudelaires can't believe how many stairs there are in the Squalors' penthouse apartment. There are 66 stairs. The kids find the Quagmires. The Quagmires have helped the children escape before.

Violet, the child who invents things, makes welding torches and tries to free them, but when they go back they are gone. Duncan Quagmire says they will be in Lot 50 but unfortunately, Olaf tricks them and they end up in Lot 48. Then they learn a bad secret. What is the secret?

I recommend this book to you because it has so many good things.

Reviewed by Zayan, 7

Roosevelt Elementary, Los Angeles


"The Witches"

Roald Dahl

A boy's parents die in a car crash in Norway, on the way to the boy's grandmother's house. He now lives with his grandmother in England.

During the summer, they go to the Hotel Magnificent where the boy finds a meeting of witches. He gets turned into a mouse. He finds a way to turn the witches into mice. Will he succeed? Read the book and find out.

Reviewed by Brianna, 10

Towers Elementary, Torrance


"Where the Wild Things Are"

Maurice Sendak

This is a great picture book about a boy named Max who makes a wolf suit and creates much mischief and hassle.

One night, he upsets his mother and is sent to his room. That night, in his room, a forest grows. A private boat with his name on it appears. Max hops on and sails until he stops at an island where the wild things live! There are monsters with yellow eyes and terrible claws. Read the book to find out what happens to Max on the island.

Reviewed by Megan, 10

El Oro Way Elementary

Granada Hills

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