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Bird calls

February 22, 2009

Re "A boring controversy," Feb. 16

It's sad that the residents of Rossmoor, who moved in next door to an oak woodland, can't coexist with nature. After people cleared away anything that the acorn woodpeckers could have used to store their acorns, it's not surprising that the birds used available Styrofoam window frames for that purpose.

It's sad that community leaders have decided that killing these remarkable birds is a viable solution when alternatives exist.

Acorn woodpeckers are intelligent and garrulous birds that live in extended family communes and work together for the survival of the group. By diligently gathering and storing acorns, they ensure year-round sustenance.

Acorn woodpeckers should be respected, appreciated and allowed to live their lives doing what comes naturally.

Tony Baker

Rancho Palos Verdes


"Builder of Styrofoam houses in a woodpecker forest." I'm adding that to "Watchman on the Titanic" and "Lifeguard at the La Brea Tar Pits."

Jonathan Earl

Los Angeles

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