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A wealth of wisdom

February 22, 2009

Re "Depression lessons last for a lifetime," series, Feb. 15

Whenever large numbers of people are vulnerable, it brings out the best and the worst in all of us.

These national treasures -- folks old enough to remember and share stories of how people survived during the Depression -- are a wonderful antidote to the fear that many of us are feeling during our economic difficulties today. Their recollections provide insight into how we can survive together.

The media so often play to our fears. It would be easy to do so now. I am very appreciative to see an article that plays to our hearts and our senses

of self-reliance and common well-being

Arlen Ring

Woodland Hills


My father was born in 1902, my mother in 1912. They came from families of limited income, and both graduated from college during the Depression.

Although they did not think in terms of money, they were always very careful with, and knew the value of, money. If they had ever contemplated adding a room to the house or remodeling the kitchen, they would have done so on a cash basis. Never in a million years would they have refinanced or taken a loan against their house to go on a vacation.

Their influence and advice, if it had been heeded, would have been valuable in the last decade.

Eugene Crowner


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