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Readers respond to Mapping L.A.

February 23, 2009

Late last week, The Times asked readers to help map the neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles at The request was met with passionate response. By Sunday, more than 1,000 readers had posted responses, with many taking the time to draw their own maps to guide us -- though a few took a humorous approach to the matter. We are still open to comments.

Here are excerpts of what people have said so far:

"Finally I know where I live! I recently moved here and some people said I lived in Glassell Park, others said it was Mount Washington and some even suggested I lived in Cypress Park. I started saying I lived 'north of downtown L.A.' to make things easier. I'm right at the beginning (or end) of these 3 areas on Isabel Drive, and I can say I live in Mount Washington and have a source to back it up . . . :) Great job!"

-- Armando Rivas,

on Mount Washington

"The USPS considers my ZIP Code to be Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Studio City. According to your map, I'm in Studio City (and I agree). Who is going to help the USPS get on the right page??"

-- Houri, on Studio City

"I don't know what 'Spaulding Square' is. Our little area, just north of Santa Monica and south of Sunset/Hollywood/Virgil junction, doesn't seem to have any designation. To the south is 'Virgil Village.' North is 'Franklin Hills' and 'Los Feliz.' East is the always-popular Silver Lake. To the west is 'Little Armenia.' We are a little left out. Are we the 'We're-not-so-Badlands'?"

-- Mary Keller, on Hollywood

"The description of my address as being in Mid-City is so far out of touch with reality as I know it. I have never heard of any of the neighborhoods listed and I have lived here for 30 years. I have always described us as being in 'East Palms.' "

-- Judy Parrott,

on Mid-City

"It would look pretty like this."

-- Sherri, on Fairfax

"I have lived north of Melrose between La Brea and Highland for over 37 years. About 10 years ago I began describing it as South Hollywood due to the already named North Hollywood, West Hollywood and the newly identified East Hollywood. Really I thought I lived in plain old Los Angeles, city thereof. But as you know that really doesn't pin it down. And besides, Hollywood really doesn't exist."

-- Barri Clark,

on Hollywood

"In many ways, I prefer the center recognition without boundaries between communities, and let the people from year to year define where they want to be. One is how they define themselves, not by any physical line on the ground."

-- Tom Williams,

on El Sereno

"Dear Beverly Center and Beverly Hills-adjacent residents, Welcome to the Fairfax District. We will take your street parking and devour your property values. Buahahahaha!"

-- Josh, on Fairfax

"I'm not seriously proposing this as the boundary for Van Nuys, but I figure it might start looking like this by the time the NIMBYs are satisfied. So basically, Van Nuys would consist only of the high school, the recreation center, the historic core of the area, Van Nuys Boulevard and the airport."

-- Ben in Chatsworth,

on Van Nuys

"Ever since West Hills was carved out of Canoga Park in the late '80s, there has been an ever-increasing number of similar little 'breakaway republics' such as Lake Balboa and Valley Glen whose residents of their tiny well-to-do enclave think that a change of name to separate it from the original neighborhood that fell on hard times will make everything all better. Like when your friend gets rich and becomes a snob and doesn't want to hang out with you anymore."

-- Dan Ramos,

on West Hills

"This is how I always envisioned my Tarzana plantation."

-- Edgar Rice Burroughs

"When I moved into my last apartment on Laurel Canyon half a block south of the 101 Freeway, my landlord gave me the address as North Hollywood. When I had my utilities turned on, I was informed I was in Studio City. When Valley Village was created several years later, I was told that Valley Village ended at the freeway so my apartment didn't qualify as Valley Village, however Studio City started at Moorpark, half a block south of me. This person was convinced that that lone orphan block of Laurel Canyon was still part of North Hollywood."

-- Karen, on Studio City

"Rancho La Cienega is historic and correct. Bringing that name to the forefront will hopefully generate interest into the intricate history of this area. The past is what makes the present. Please seriously consider this."

-- Cynthia, on Crenshaw

"Your issue of The Times today has a story about a resident of Harbor City and mention[s] it, so you know we exist. If you ever do a story about our neighborhood and call it 'Wilmington,' don't expect me to subscribe to your skeleton of a newspaper."

-- Julia Dunphy,

on Wilmington

"I've lived in P-R proper for over six years and I can tell you that [a previous post about gang problems] is by far the most ignorant and borderline offensive one I've ever heard about my neighborhood. My wife and I go for evening walks several times a week and have never had any problems, nor do we feel unsafe. There are no gangs in P-R!"

-- Frank,

on Pico-Robertson

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