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Nuclear scenarios

February 24, 2009

Re "Iran has more nuclear fuel than thought," Feb. 20

As The Times points out, Iran could make a nuclear bomb "in theory" but currently has neither the technical capacity nor the clear intention to do so. Too many advocates of a hawkish approach to Iran are already using the headlines to raise fears about an imminent threat.

President Obama's instincts on Iran are correct. The only way to resolve tensions with Iran is through respectful negotiations that put all issues on the table. Leaders in Congress and citizens who support diplomacy with Iran must show their strong support for negotiations and drown out those who will use this news to start the drumbeat for war and harsher sanctions.

Rebecca Griffin


The writer is political director for Peace Action West.


Re "A 'Plan B' for Iran," Opinion, Feb. 22

Doyle McManus doesn't pay enough attention to one of the most serious potential consequences of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon -- proliferation. If Iran can thumb its nose at the U.S. and build nuclear capability, why couldn't Egypt, Syria or Saudi Arabia? Or, indeed, any country? Sooner or later, you're looking at a Middle East boiling with countries hostile to Israel and the United States, all with nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. This would be a nightmare scenario.

Given such a probability, wouldn't the decision to mount a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities become not only justifiable but a necessity?

Carl Moore


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