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Look at L.A.

February 24, 2009

Re "L.A. neighborhoods, you're on the map," Feb. 19

I was both delighted and disappointed by your article on mapping out Los Angeles neighborhoods.

In 2002, we posted the first online neighborhood map of Los Angeles, which has since been viewed close to 2 million times. A year ago, we further revised and detailed our map and published it as a poster-sized wall map. As far as I can determine, it is the first-ever privately published wall map detailing the neighborhoods of L.A.

The Times' article makes it appear as though yours is the first serious effort to map out L.A. neighborhoods. The Times has always ignored our efforts, except for an occasional citation.

Gary Thornton


The writer is publisher of


Re "In L.A., east is east," Opinion, Feb. 19

Way to go, Patt Morrison! Keep East L.A. where it has always been: east of the Los Angeles River.

As a seventh-generation Angeleno, born in East L.A ., raised in Boyle Heights (yes, there is a distinction) and a South L.A. Fremont High School grad, I plead with our city not to erase our geographic and cultural history so readily, so illogically, so unnecessarily.

Yolanda Lopez-Head


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