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In defense of the diesel deal

February 26, 2009

Re "A dumb diesel deal," editorial, Feb. 20

The proposal to give credit to contractors who made early reductions in emissions from their heavy-duty diesel equipment doesn't delay any regulations and doesn't reduce any emissions savings.

Emissions from construction equipment are down more than 40% in the last two years. The regulations that go into effect next year call for an 85% reduction by 2020. That regulation will cost the industry $1 billion a year.

The Legislature and governor wisely recognized that they need to jump-start the economy by boosting construction. Giving credit to contractors for achieving nearly half the emissions-reduction goal years ahead of schedule and avoiding the billions in costs will put people back to work.

Those early reductions achieved early health benefits as well. Hard to imagine how The Times considers that a bad thing.

Michael Lewis

West Covina

The writer is executive vice president of the Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition.

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