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Angry about aid

February 26, 2009

Re "20% in L.A. County receive public aid," Feb. 22

I sympathize with those in need of help in these difficult times, and hope not to be next.

I do wish that the media and those receiving aid could come to understand that the cost is not "shouldered by the county, state and federal governments." The money these entities have comes from the people as fees, taxes and borrowing on our credit. Government has done a poor job caring for these funds and deserves no kudos.

Roger Norton



Before the economic downturn, the same problem existed: inadequate oversight to prevent welfare fraud. In my opinion, many good people need assistance but many bad people are cheating the system.

How is it possible that you highlight a mechanic out of work for three years? Give me a break! He was out of work when the country was flush with jobs and fat with money. My goldfish could find a job in three years.

We must stop handing out free money, food stamps and other assistance without making sure they go to those who are truly in need.

Those of you out there who believe there is nothing to worry about because the government will take care of us, please pull your heads out of the sand.

Michael Bernback

Sherman Oaks

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