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The Oscar forum and Sean Penn

February 28, 2009

Hooray for Sean Penn! His courageous acceptance speech at the Oscars calling out the forces of hatred who would deny gay Americans their equal rights was an inspiration ["Puttin' on the Fritz," by Susan King, Feb. 23]. The institutionalized discrimination of Proposition 8 will not stand, and those who support it are on the wrong side of history. Full equality for all Americans is only a matter of time.

Richard Marracq

Redwood City


What an arrogant and opinionated dolt this man has become. He was better when he was simply an out-of-control hothead. Now it seems that he knows what all of us should think and feel and he's perfectly willing to tell the whole world all about it.

Stick to the movie screen, Mr. Penn. Using the Oscar stage to express your personal opinions of how you think we should all feel is ridiculous.

Dick Riddle

Tonasket, Wash.

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