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Loves to hate

February 28, 2009

I've been a Celtics hater since the '60s when I was a fan of the Philadelphia Warriors. Here's my dream scenario involving the Celts:

I see them in a deep hole. I see the cackling Bill Russell tossed in followed by that hefty sack of arrogance Tom Heinsohn to tamp them down tight. Then dirt should be shoveled over them. I don't want to see them in another Finals. I don't want to see them win another game -- ever. I hope one of Mikki Moore's snakes swallows the Big Three whole and tops that off with Marbury for dessert. I root for the Lakers and any team playing the Celtics.

That's how to hate the Celtics.

Geoffrey Cushing-


Studio City


Paul Pierce has more miraculous healings than the Shrine at Lourdes.

Lawrence Sewry



The five unlikeliest headlines for 2009:

"George W. Bush delivers eloquent address"

"Dow Jones Index reaches record high"

"Obama proven to be closet Irishman"

"Housing market booms with no foreclosures"

"Clippers beat Celtics"

Allen E. Kahn

Playa del Rey

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