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Design trends we want to see gone

January 03, 2009|David A. Keeps

The days of DVD and CD display tower racks are over! Anyone who owns hundreds of discs should be required to purchase storage books for them and toss the plastic cases. It saves space, keeps you organized and allows you to grab your music and movies when you are on the go.

Meg Joannides, owner of

I can't stand to look at another shag rug, especially synthetic ones. Instead go for unique, eco-friendly alternatives such as hemp or hand-tufted wools.

Suzan Fellman, designer and retailer:

Good God, how does a zebra print translate onto a cowhide rug? There are superior floor treatments, in a reasonable price range, that do not pretend to be something that they are not. I would opt for an Arzu Firuz vinyl carpet with laser cutouts that create a great pattern for the floor and are so easy to maintain.

Alegre Ramos, designer and retailer:

Red coral accessories are not only overused, they are definitely not eco-friendly. If you like the branched look of red coral, try wood that has fallen naturally off the tree. I installed a fallen branch chandelier hung with crystals in a dining room, and it is unique, eco and beautiful.

Deborah Sussman, a partner in the graphic design firm Sussman/Prejza:

Out with scented candles. In with beeswax from Rolling Greens or delicately hued, hand-turned twists at Ajello Antonino & Bros. House of Candles. Both are in Culver City.

Katrien van der Schueren, owner of Voila! gallery:

Enough with these outrageously elaborate gold frames! An elegant yet simple hand-finished wood frame would do a better job of bringing out the art. Framing should enhance artwork, not hinder it.

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