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Tebow gets in a good non-sound bite

January 11, 2009|CHRIS FOSTER

Apparently Tim Tebow, Florida quarterback and well-known missionary, ditches the turn-the-other-cheek policy once the game begins.

Tebow was caught by referees -- and on camera -- giving the Gator chomp to Oklahoma's Nic Harris late in Thursday's national title game. Harris had been doing some chomping -- and woofing -- of his own throughout the game, but it was Tebow who was flagged for the unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty.

Tebow tried to get his squeaky-clean image back on track during the postgame news conference.

"I didn't trash talk or say anything, but I did the Gator chomp," Tebow said. "I was pretty excited and just gave it a little Gator chomp, and it was also for the fans. I think they kind of enjoyed it."

Yeah, the fans. The overnight Nielsens from Norman, Okla., are still pending on that one.

Of course, Tebow's actions will be judged by a higher authority . . . his coach.

Coach Urban Meyer immediately jumped into the media session, saying, "He's running tomorrow at 6 a.m. We'll teach him a lesson."

Trivia time

Which state has won the most national championships in NCAA Division I football history (Associated Press only)?

Crocodile tears?

Florida receiver Percy Harvin could not contain his delight in being vindicated after the Gators' victory.

"There's no better feeling," Harvin said. "Nobody gave us a chance to win the game. They said we weren't tough enough."

Uh, Percy. The Gators came into the game ranked No. 1 by the AP and were favored in the game. Kind of makes you wonder whether students are required to do their homework at Florida.

Bum's rush

As the national press was hastily checking out of the media hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Friday, a banner was on display welcoming Major League Soccer, which was holding a scouting combine in the city. It proves one thing: Nothing makes football writers flee like the sight of futbol players.

Trivia answer

Florida, which has 10 (Miami five, Florida three, Florida State two) since the AP began naming champions in 1936. Indiana (i.e. Notre Dame) is second with eight.

And finally

Utah Coach Kyle Whittingham called it a season after Florida was voted No. 1 in the AP poll, saying, "I thought we had an outside chance. There was enough national sentiment, I thought we might get the No. 1 slot. It wasn't to be."

A little quick on the concession speech, Kyle. After all, this does involve Florida and voting.

-- Chris Foster

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