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Brian Skinner is the first to be return

He returns from a bout with flu, but several teammates are still sidelined because of various injuries.

January 27, 2009|Lisa Dillman

Who would return first among the ill and injured Clippers brigade?

As it turned out, it was Brian Skinner. Then again, he only had flu, not some mysterious lingering bruise or broken bone.

"Well, that solves one of my problems," Coach Mike Dunleavy said.

One down.

Only about nine more to go.

The next Clipper closest to returning -- and that's always subject to change in the next hour -- appears to be point guard Baron Davis.

Davis (bruised tailbone) could be back Wednesday against Chicago or Friday at Cleveland, although he has been suffering from chest congestion, Dunleavy said.

Marcus Camby (sprained left ankle) is expected to return during the long upcoming trip, if not before.

Not making the trip will be guard Mardy Collins, who suffered a strained left calf in the opening minutes against Oklahoma City on Friday. He is expected to be out another week or two, Dunleavy said.

Root canal mania

Near the end of his pregame chat with the media, Dunleavy said that if it seemed as if he sounded funny, there was a reason.

He had a root canal earlier in the day. (Somewhere, Jay Leno was polishing his monologue with another Clippers joke.)

Of course, this Clippers season goes hand in hand so nicely with root canals. No one made any jokes about that link. Well, not for about a good 10 seconds or so.

"You know what, actually this is the best part of my season," Dunleavy said, joking.

No follow-up was necessary.


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