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Healthcare behind bars

July 01, 2009

Re "In the shadows of healthcare," June 28

Frank Lucero's repeated requests for medication got nowhere, as his easily treatable condition worsened. That this occurred while the prison medical system is in receivership underscores the need for change.

At least if we are to consider ourselves a developed country.

Naomi Steinfeld

Long Beach


This is another example of the extreme medical neglect that is rampant in our state prisons.

Prisoners are wards of the state, and it is our responsibility to take care of them.

Why couldn't Lucero get an appointment to see a doctor to write a new prescription for eye drops, because inmates are only allowed medications prescribed by a prison doctor?

Why aren't those responsible for the indifference and neglect being held responsible?

Sandy Port



Your story might make some doubters of the problems with prison healthcare sit up and take notice.

I see letter after letter from individuals who are under the impression that prisoners get better care than the rest of our citizens. Without any firsthand knowledge, individuals make judgments that go against facts, including:

Prisoners die from untreated tooth infections.

Hepatitis is a major contagious disease rampant in our prisons.

The federal government has taken over the prison medical system because the mandated minimum care was not being provided.

Ignorance of the facts is not an excuse to buy into the propaganda being touted by a miserably failed system.

Bob Driscoll

Woodland Hills

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