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Lighting up the Fourth

July 03, 2009

Re "Hard-hit cities lower the boom on July 4 fireworks," June 29

It's sad that all these communities across America can't afford fireworks this year.

After we in Lake Havasu learned that the city budget just didn't have enough funds this year to support the purchase of fireworks, the citizens decided to throw our own show.

With the help of our fire department and our local businesses, we Havasu citizens are going to do it. Just goes to show, if the citizens really want something to happen, it can.

It's kind of ironic: When our local government ran the show, it didn't really feel like it was ours; now it does. Come on and join us, California.

Steve Reynolds

Lake Havasu City, Ariz.


It strikes me that the most important date for all of us is Independence Day, which falls on July 4 every year. Independence Day made all the other holidays possible.

Referring to its name may enlighten those at their backyard barbecues on that date; it is why we are celebrating.

Ken Johnson

Pinon Hills, Calif.

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