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Senators and salary cuts

July 03, 2009

Re "2 refuse to take salary cuts," June 28

Are you kidding? "What I get paid is personal. I don't discuss what I do personally," state Sen. Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood) said. "I don't choose to make anything I do on my personal side public."

We, the public, pay for you -- so we should have a say in how much you make.

State workers are taking a 9.2% pay cut -- the least you could do is match that to show solidarity for what they are going through.

And every day we don't have a new budget, those guys don't get paid a dime.

Brian Donnelly



Some state senators are whining about taking a 5% cut? When they are contributors to the financial mess we're in?

Try two furlough days with another one on the horizon.

It's nice that most of the senators volunteered to cut their salaries, but why not equally share the pain with the rest of the state workers?

Besides, these people can make up the difference with the perks they receive and the opportunities for paid speaking events.

State workers don't have that luxury. Any outside moneymaking ventures have to be approved by top managers to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.

Christine Reiter


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