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Palin: Pro and con

July 05, 2009

Re "Palin's exit as governor stuns, puzzles," July 4

If Sarah Palin desires to run for president in 2012, it seems strange that she would think that the best way she can serve her current Alaskan constituency is by not serving them at all.

Jonathan Horowitz



It surprised me to read in your article that her remarks were "disjointed and cryptic," because I heard her speech, and they were sincere, profound and eloquent.

Unlike our ill-prepared, stammering, bumbling President Obama, she wasn't reading from a teleprompter.

Edward Golden



After listening to the rambling, emotional resignation speech of Palin, I can only say that she seems to fit perfectly the conservative Republican prototype for high office: simplistic, fueled with anger at the prospect of change, clinging to "values" that are really just partisan positions designed to thwart those whom she feels are threatening.

Michael Jenning

Van Nuys


Don't underestimate the timing of Palin's decision to prematurely end her job as governor of Alaska.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, we learned that Palin is a savvy self-promoter whose celebrity status has not diminished.

As a well-known private citizen and the darling of the right, she is now in a position to accept hefty speaking fees.

Phyllis Landis

Ocean Hills


I am not surprised by the actions of Palin.

She has broken the trust with the people who elected her, and she has failed them by not complying with her oath of office.

I hope her future endeavors will not involve any type of loyalty. She has defined her position very well.

Jim Moreno

Huntington Beach


Although Palin was certainly not perfect, at least she was a real person.

She has all the trademarks of those of us who struggle through in community colleges and face family traumas every day -- unlike the empty suit we have in office who has never had to struggle with a real world job.

Enrico Mutascio

Palm Springs


Maybe Palin is stepping down from governor to become a community organizer.

Paul Feinsinger

Agoura Hills


Why read too much into Palin's resignation? She just wants to clear her head and prep for 2012 -- her Final Frontier campaign -- by hiking the beauty and mountains of the Appalachian Trail.

Mike Nally

Garden Grove


It is appropriate that Palin announced her bold decision to resign on the Fourth of July weekend.

She is one of the few politicians today who still embodies the same ideals and characteristics of those brave individuals who gave us this country.

Our forefathers chose not to tolerate the unreasonable behavior of the English, and Palin decided she and her family could no longer tolerate the unrelenting, vicious attacks of her enemies.

Bonnie O'Neil

Newport Beach


Palin belongs in two places: Alaska and inside the pages of People magazine.

Not in the White House.

David Whitman

South Pasadena

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