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Gov. Sanford hasn't a clue

July 06, 2009

Re "Allies want Sanford to quit," July 2

Gov. Mark Sanford must be the most maladroit, flat-out goofy politician to ever bumble across the national scene. From his "True Confessions"-inspired e-mails to his lover to his schoolboy assertions of crossing the line, it is painfully obvious that the man hasn't the remotest clue how his words sound to others.

Ronald Rubin



Obviously Sanford never learned that "silence is golden." I think his lack of loyalty, honesty, integrity and intelligence should disqualify him from office.

Jerry Mazenko

Garden Grove


Regarding the steamy South Carolina soap opera, my greatest concern is for Sanford's four sons.

Marriages fall apart for a variety of reasons every day. But what's downright despicable is that Sanford continues to want his cake at home and in Argentina too.

What can his boys possibly be thinking? How will they be affected long-term by their father's hubris and abusive, hypocritical behavior?

What kind of men, husbands and fathers can they possibly grow up to be?

Susan Kross

Dairyland, N.Y.

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