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Re "Patt Morrison Asks Mavis Leno: More than talk...

July 08, 2009

Re "Patt Morrison Asks Mavis Leno: More than talk," Opinion, July 4

Though I champion Mavis Leno's work in the international feminist movement, I take exception to her dismissive references to the amazing women she refers to in her interview with Patt Morrison.

Her relegation of Betsy Ross to a corner of irrelevance because "she sewed" indicates a point of view held by many people who wear clothing produced by others whose skills are undervalued and who are, most likely, female.

Watching Leno

If one wishes to dismiss the designer of our flag as "just a seamstress," then Thomas Jefferson should be sent back to the barn because he was "just a farmer."

Jan Longmire

Huntington Beach

Morrison's interview with Leno, speaking out against the Taliban, got me wondering: What about the Saudis?

The Saudis have been repressing women longer than the Afghans, right in front of us, yet Leno apparently has not said anything on that.

Maybe because we get so much of our oil from the Saudis?

At the end, I applauded Leno for doing something, but condemning one group while ignoring another is wrong.

Mark Elliston

Los Angeles


Wonderful, wonderful interview. Especially timely because of the U.S. moves into Afghanistan. It's so wrong.

Mavis Leno's time has come.

Damiana Chavez

Los Angeles

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