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Hall of Fame appears unlikely for Steve McNair

In a newspaper's survey of Hall voters, nearly three-fourths of respondents say the late quarterback lacks the credentials for induction.

July 08, 2009|Mike Penner

Is Steve McNair worthy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

The Baltimore Sun asked the 44 Hall of Fame voters to answer that question. Of the 24 who responded, 17 said the late quarterback lacked the necessary career statistics.

"I didn't consider McNair a Hall of Fame candidate before he died and don't consider him one now," said Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News. "His numbers are nowhere close to being Hall of Fame-worthy."

In 13 seasons with the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens, McNair had a pedestrian 82.8 passer rating and never threw for 3,400 yards or 25 touchdowns in a season.

"I think Steve McNair deserves consideration for the Hall of Fame," an unnamed voter told the Sun, "but ultimately I think he belongs like Joe Theismann, Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason in the hall of the very good."

Trivia time

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jim Konstanty distinguished himself during the 1950 World Series by doing what?

Too much Ochocinco

When Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco says he's going to take Twitter to a new level, officials and members of the team can only cringe.

Ochocinco told radio station KGOW in Houston that he likes Twitter "because it gives me the opportunity to reach out to thousands of people at one time. It gives me a chance to get my story across when something goes wrong.

"It's big for me and I'm taking it a step further. I have my own application coming out where people will be able to interact and follow me. You know, more than through just the keyboard and reading my messages -- you'll actually be able to follow me and when the season starts, it's going to get even worse.

"I'm going to really make it fun. I'm using Twitter during games, during halftime, after the games. I'm going to be taking it to the next level."

That's big for Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis to know. Very soon, Ochocinco could be taking team fines to the next level.

We'll get it right back to you

How much is a Wimbledon championship trophy worth?

The company Cash4Gold has asked Roger Federer and Serena Williams to mail in their trophies for appraisal. Cash4Gold also invited the tennis players to appear in its next television commercial.

The company previously has appraised other sports trophies. It deemed the Stanley Cup to be worth $7,500 and the NBA's Larry O'Brien Trophy about $3,500.

At least two NHL players have let their dogs eat out of the Stanley Cup, making it the most expensive dog food dish on the planet.

Trivia answer

Konstanty made his first start of the season in Game 1 of the World Series, a 1-0 loss to the New York Yankees. Konstanty was 16-7 as a relief pitcher during the 1950 regular season.

(Question and answer provided by reader Lawrence Levinson of Murrieta.)

And finally

From Greg Cote of the Miami Herald:

"Danica Patrick is considering switching next year to NASCAR, where she can become a star attraction known for being immensely popular and not winning races, just like Dale Earnhardt Jr."


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