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July 09, 2009

Re "A requiem for a king," July 8

Michael Jackson's memorial was truly moving. For me, it all came down to a daughter's love and respect for her father, and the tremendous grief she was openly sharing. I was very moved to see what a loving dad Michael obviously was, and the love that was returned.

With a media that preferred to showcase his eccentricities, how comforting to see a "normal" side of Michael -- a supremely talented and troubled soul who took the time and energy to be a genuinely loving father to his children.

Gary Rothlein

Stevenson Ranch


Like most of us, he was flawed. Unlike most of us, he danced and sang his way into American history. He contributed to what makes this country special. He was one of "We the People." No one on the planet doesn't have a favorite Michael Jackson song.

Tim Elliott



For those who complain that the taxpayers footed the bill to pay for security at the Jackson memorial, let me remind you that the concerts he held over the years here paid for this event many times over in the form of business and tax revenue for the city.

Paul Bruyn

Midway City


To make a lasting tribute in honor of Jackson, I have just made a donation in his name to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Knowing his feelings toward the children of the world, this was the most appropriate organization I could think of. It was not a particularly large donation, but if some of his fans would consider joining me, we -- like Michael -- could make a global impact.

Jane Boyer

Washington, Conn.


I've never been a real fan of Jackson's, but after watching the live 2 1/2 -hour televised memorial service to him, I must congratulate those around him who produced it.

As a former radio and television producer, I was amazed at the high quality of its production. When I think of how little time they had to pull it together, and all the frantic fan and media mayhem in the few days preceding it, I marveled at its amazing presentation.

Jon Dosa

Palm Springs


On the same day that seven young soldiers lost their lives in Afghanistan, thousands mourned the death of Michael Jackson. Our cash-strapped city paid for crowd and traffic control even as people who work for the city are laid off.

Does anyone else find this a little ironic? Those seven young lives will pass unnoticed; they deserve better.

Tom Iannucci

Los Angeles


Although Jackson certainly was a major cultural force at times in his life, this mass hysteria whipped up 24/7 by the media is not only unseemly but disturbing.

Many people were rightly moved by his death, but it's clear that the frenzy accompanying this is due to nonstop hyping. Show a little class and stop this.

Peter Fox

Oak View, Calif.


I live just a few blocks from the Jackson family compound. Since his death, the police have had the street blocked off 24 hours a day by at least two squad cars, so that other residents have to take serpentine detours to get to their homes. Law enforcement escorts family vehicles in and out of the area. Railings have been set up along the street so that gawkers and tourists can meander by the Jackson home and stare at the large black gate that prevents them from seeing anything inside the estate. Helicopters hover over the area in a fixed position.

With apologies to Jackson's ardent fans, these activities are not worth the expense and inconvenience they have cost the taxpayers.

John Johnson


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