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What's not to love about Manny?

July 11, 2009

Bill Plaschke has it all wrong. No one in L.A. secretly covets Barry Bonds [July 4]. You'd think he would have a better read on Dodgers fans after all these years.

We don't hate Barry Bonds because he's a steroid user. Really, as sad as it is to say, they're probably all steroid users.

The truth is that we hate Barry Bonds because he's an arrogant, cocky, self-centered, rude and belligerent jerk. He enjoys being loathed. He created his little world of negativity and he happily lives in it.

We love Manny because he's the exact opposite. He's just a guy having a good time and, oh yeah, he screwed up. We can relate to that. Most of us are just people who are having a good time and, oh yeah, we screw up from time to time. I can forgive a screw-up, but I can't even begin to understand, appreciate or forgive the person that is Barry Bonds.

Chris Morgan, Diamond Bar

A few months ago I got a letter printed in the paper ripping Bill Plaschke about Manny Ramirez and now I am going to eat crow, put my foot in my mouth and agree with my man Bill. Manny is a cheat, a drug user and should be banned for the remainder of the season. Shame on the McCourts, the Dodgers and all L.A. fans who put money and winning ahead of the purity of the game. Mannywood should be closed immediately and I will sit in Plaschkeville.

Jonathan Braun

Los Angeles


Dear Manny:

This is from your typical dispassionate Los Angeles fan. I am not outraged that you were caught using steroids. You took your medicine. What disturbs me most is your decision to not accept responsibility, your arrogance, your agent and your smirk. The Dodgers fans who shrug and say "so what?" are a sad reflection of the moral decay of our society. You soil the Dodgers uniform, Manny. A great hitter, a fair teammate and an awful example to all of your fans.

Fred Williams

Rolling Hills


I am no longer interested in "Manny being Manny." I want "Manny being Manly" and stepping up to the plate with honesty and forthrightness, and making me want to root for him again.

Otherwise, I am pretty happy with the team without him, and I will root around him for the rest of the season and hope the team does not encourage him to come back next year.

Larry Weiner

Culver City


The fact that Matt Kemp is still batting eighth with Manny Ramirez returning is something that will continue to baffle me. I'm no Joe Torre, but there is no way giving your team's second-best hitter one less at-bat a game than if he was batting higher up is a good baseball decision.

Eddie Siegel



Juan Pierre proved he's a hard-working, talented player who could help some team go all the way. He deserves better than sitting on the bench, so it's clearly time for a trade. But can the Dodgers find a club that would take Manny?

John Rustan



I was listening to the Dodgers-Padres game where the Padres rallied and Charley Steiner was saying how the wheels came off for the Dodgers. Steiner's wheels were rolling in the ditch in the bottom of the ninth when he said, "That's the way the game will end with [the Padres player] thrown out at third and the Dodgers win 6 to 5. [Long pause] No, two runs have scored and the game is tied."

Good thing he didn't call the Kirk Gibson home run.

David Waldowski

Alta Loma

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