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That starlet look, on a dime

Jaye Hersh's Hollywood Intuition line for Target lets fans accessorize like Miley and Sienna at a fraction of the cost.

July 12, 2009|Melissa Magsaysay

Emulating the look of young starlets waiting for the valet at the Ivy or picking up no-whip, sugar-free vanilla Iced Blendeds at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has just become a lot easier.

Jaye Hersh, whose Intuition boutique on West Pico Boulevard in L.A. specializes in the accessories that Young Hollywood and the paparazzi have made famous, has collaborated with Target on a collection called Hollywood Intuition, an attempt to bottle celebrity style for the masses.

It's bound to please those who can't afford CC Skye's $150 leather-studded bracelets or a $700 Linea Pelle slouchy hobo bag but still very much want the look they've seen on Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie.

All the essentials are there: large faux-leather tote bags in black and purple, a faux snakeskin tote, two styles of sunglasses (aviator and oversized black frames), colorful bohemian scarves and a brown floppy hat. The faux leather feels chintzy -- leather substitutes often do -- but the shape of the solid-colored tote is chic, and the bag is sizable. The printed scarves are the most usable, and seem to be the highest quality. The rainbow swirled scarf is especially cute and would liven up denim or any summer outfit.

Much like Kate Moss' line for Topshop, Hollywood Intuition feels like something a stylist, rather than a designer, would put together -- which makes sense because Hersh has a background in celebrity styling. (Also being sold with the line are double-stick tape and a book called "Hollywood Intuition: It's What Separates Fashion Victims From Fashion Victors!" in which Hersh gives styling advice and breaks looks up into categories such as "Sirenista," "Yoganista" and "Ingenue.")

Some pieces come "pre-styled" -- just pop 'em on and you're Paris, Nicole and Lindsay all at once. The Mixed Media necklace, for instance, combines a beaded crucifix-style chain, long gold chains strung with peace signs and a red string with a heart pendant -- five necklaces sold as a set, no assembly required. The same goes for the Mixed Media bracelets, a collection of six bangles including wood beads, a gold peace sign and filler gold bracelets that come together and instantly provide the armful of motley styles that Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens love to pile onto their teeny forearms.

Overall, it's a fuss-free, affordable and accessible group of accessories. Quality isn't its strong suit, but everything will look great worn in a photograph -- and isn't that the point?


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