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Different views of Irvine

July 12, 2009

Re "Safety is a home-grown product," July 7

The city of Irvine sounds like an episode of "The Twilight Zone." As one resident stated, "It's who will follow the rules who we want."

To me, it sounds more like: If you don't think like us, you're not welcome.

I would be more afraid of living in Irvine, the city of cookie-cutter houses and perfect landscapes, than in the real world. At least in the real world, I can paint my house any color I want without it being a crime.

And yes, I too can walk alone at night without being afraid in my neighborhood.

Raul Perez



I know your article on Irvine was supposed to be about how safe the city is, but you may have inadvertently discovered the answer to California's education problems. Among the things that attract people to "ethnically diverse" Irvine are its "high-performing schools."

So all we have to do is figure out a way for every city in California to have a six-figure median income, get most of their residents to have college degrees and have the residents be so diverse that most are either white or Asian.

When that happens, all of California's schools and teachers will be doing as good a job as Irvine's.

Jim Tanksley



As a retired veteran of the Irvine Police Department, I wish to congratulate you on an excellent article. Your insight as to the department's relationship with the community was included in the original core of police officers hired in 1975 and has been emphasized ever since.

You were right on when you referenced the influence that homeowner associations have over the peace and tranquillity of the community. Issues of blight and decay just are not allowed to start anywhere in the community.

Together with the excellent school system and safe streets, Irvine is a hard act to follow. Yes, boring at times, but also very nice.

Sam Allevato

San Juan Capistrano

The writer is a San Juan Capistrano councilman.

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