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Dodgers can't let Roy Halladay get away

Some believe the right-hander, whom Toronto is willing to trade, would make the Dodgers a World Series winner.

July 12, 2009|BILL SHAIKIN

That brings us back to McCourt, since the winner of the Halladay sweepstakes inherits a contract that pays the pitcher about $5 million for the rest of this season and $15.75 million next season. It's a wash, really, with the money the Dodgers saved because of Ramirez's suspension and with Jason Schmidt off the books next season.

McCourt would not take on any money in last summer's trades. Colletti would not say definitively whether the Dodgers could do so this summer.

"Depends on the deal," Colletti said.

We left a message for McCourt, trying to get a firm answer on how the Dodgers' drop in attendance might affect his decision on whether to take on a big contract. We did not hear back.

If Colletti says there is a deal to be had, just say yes. The Dodgers could pitch Halladay against Cole Hamels and the Philadelphia Phillies in the playoffs, or they could face Halladay and Hamels on consecutive days, perhaps the last two days of what would be a disappointing season.


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