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Michael Jackson: a different tune

July 13, 2009

Re "Not our proudest moment, " Column, July 8

Thank you, Steve Lopez, for being the only sane reporter on the West Coast to note that Michael Jackson's disturbing aspects of behavior were buried under the hype and fluff.

Sandra A. Buchan

Redondo Beach


Thanks to columnists Tim Rutten and Lopez for putting it all in perspective.

Carol Carlson

Palos Verdes Estates


Although I seldom concur with Lopez's views anymore, I was in deep simpatico with him regarding his comments about the fiasco at the Staples Center -- at least through the first column.

Then, at the top of the second column, he blindsided me with a cheap shot -- the one about a possible Michael Jackson second career as "an Irish priest." Was that really necessary?

Jim Keller

Diamond Bar


While many will think Lopez stepped over the line with his comments about Jackson, I don't. When hundreds of millions hear the Jackson family pastor call Michael "a hero" and The Times splashes "Requiem for a King" on its front page, then Lopez is just balancing the unrelenting hyperbole.

Mike Levin

Long Beach


Commentators said perhaps now Jackson's children can lead a more "normal" life. The children didn't appear abnormal at the memorial -- they were well dressed, well behaved and well spoken.

Simply because he was wealthy enough, Jackson was fortunate to live any eccentric and unconventional lifestyle he felt like.

Don't insult the good people with bad people around Jackson. He shared his wealth and fame to help others and, like all of us, made misjudgments too.

Patricia Mace

Los Angeles


Kudos to Lopez for having the courage to use his platform to write what so many of us are thinking.

It seems that everyone has completely forgotten "the decade or two of extremely disturbing weirdness."

It is sad when anyone dies, but why do we feel the need to elevate Jackson to sainthood? Again, I applaud Lopez for having the guts to speak the truth.

John W. Harmon


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