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Immigration and business

July 13, 2009

Re " July 2

This is the best solution. However, I take issue with the characterization that businesses are unwittingly hiring illegals, because they can easily check the validity of the Social Security numbers using E-Verify.

Los Angeles attorney Carl Shusterman's argument that the workers will "simply find another job" isn't valid because if companies know that they will eventually get audited, then they will avoid taking the chance of being fined or even prosecuted.

As for the Chamber of Commerce, stating that Immigration and Customs Enforcement should only go after those companies that are exploiting workers and violating labor and worker-safety laws is tantamount to saying that businesses should be allowed to hire illegal immigrants as long as they pay them the minimum wage and follow OSHA rules.

Daniel K. Zogaib



Great article and good news for Americans. It's about time we go after the real reason we are stuck with so many illegal workers. If the lure of jobs is cut off, then they won't come.

Also these businesses are not paying taxes on these people.

John Armanini

San Rafael

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