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Who will police the police?

July 14, 2009

Re "LAPD's public map omits nearly 40% of '09 crimes,"

July 9

Reading that The Times had "found that nearly 40% of the crimes reported ... did not appear on the public map" gives one pause.

With the demise of so many newspapers, who will do the investigative work to double-check any department within our system? How will the non-reading public know the truth? I feel that one of the few checks and balances the public has is the diligence of these reporters.

People who don't read newspapers do not know what they're missing.

Robert C. Thompson

Marina del Rey


Division Capt. William A. Murphy's initial dismissal of the 40% discrepancy between crimes committed and crimes shown on the LAPD's online crime map is not acceptable. His later statement -- "I'm a police officer ... I'm not an expert on computer systems" -- simply doesn't fly.

The Police Department expects the public to obey the law. The public has every right to expect the Police Department to do its job honestly and efficiently.

If Murphy isn't up to the task, let him hand over his shield to someone who is, along with the salary he earned while he wasn't doing his job. I'm sure there are a lot of young people in the department who are comfortable with computer systems.

Bart Braverman

Los Angeles

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