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The expense of migrant children

July 15, 2009

Re "Activists target state aid to immigrants' children," July 13

This article does a reasonably good job of addressing both sides of the cost issue of illegal immigrants. But it omits a very significant item in the net cost/benefit argument regarding illegal immigrants -- remittances.

Remittances are a huge drain on the state and federal levels. The amount of money leaving the country is enormous.

If this money were kept in the local economy, it would generate sales taxes, jobs and additional income taxes.

Bob Braley


When times get tough, the hand of blame seems to fly at easy targets: immigrant children. Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves if we really want to be on the side of bigotry or humanity? The migrant workers give the most to our society, receive the least and then, on a lonely Sunday off, get to read all about how their children are now to blame for all of our systemic ills.

Bart Villa-McDow

Long Beach


The activists who want to eliminate state aid for immigrant children should be required to reread "The Grapes of Wrath." I don't want to see people dying as a result of this latest economic downturn. Private charities provide spotty help at best. Taxes are the fairest way to spread the cost around.

Wendy Velasco



Forget the initiative. Use the time, money and energy to mail, e-mail, fax and call every representative and senator to tell them we want illegal immigration stopped now.

Marilyn Moir

Santa Ana


It is a refreshing change of pace to see The Times covering issues surrounding illegal immigration in a straightforward way, as opposed to the usual bleeding-heart sentiment. Your two recent front-page articles presented clear and factual reporting on important, topical issues facing us.

Laurie Trainor

Los Angeles

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