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Immigration's daily impact

July 15, 2009

Re "Illegal immigrants again in the budget spotlight,"

July 10

Why is it that during times of economic crisis, the most vulnerable are blamed?

What about those of the legal population committing welfare fraud, Medicare fraud and Social Security fraud?

These vulnerable workers do pay taxes. When they purchase items, they are paying sales tax.

We cannot underestimate the significance of contributions these illegal immigrants make to the farming/agricultural/food processing/packaging business. Who else is going to stand slumped over, for hours a day, picking fruit and vegetables or packaging cartons of food items while earning peanuts?



Signal Hill


The standout in the recitation of costs because of illegal immigration is the portrait of Delia Godinez and her five children. The family receives $650 each month from the state's CalWorks program, $500 in federal food stamps and other vouchers and unmentioned thousands in public schooling benefits. This is for one illegal immigrant family.

Tim Aaronson

El Cerrito


So illegal immigration is a drain on our budget? Maybe somebody should tell the governor. Meanwhile, somebody should be talking about "quality of life" that has taken a big step backward thanks to the sheer masses trying to survive in Los Angeles.

Even parking becomes impossible when half of my neighbors are living nine people in a one-bedroom place with five cars outside.

Tony Stengel

Los Angeles

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