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Jackson mural for $1 million

July 18, 2009|Diane Haithman

There haven't been any takers yet -- but the Look Gallery in downtown L.A. is offering Kent Twitchell's 100-foot-tall mural of Michael Jackson, originally intended for display on the side of a Hollywood building but never mounted, for sale for $1 million.

The Jackson mural had its first public exhibition at the gallery, which is located in L.A. Mart Design Center, in April as part of a display of Twitchell's unseen works, titled "Thriller: The King of Pop Meets the King of Cool."

Although Jackson's death may have had some effect on asking price and expectations, the decision to sell the Jackson mural is not really new.

With few exceptions, everything in the April show was, and is, for sale, including a mural of Steve McQueen, which gallery director Jerri Levi says can be had for $100,000.

In recent days, the gallery has been in talks with city officials and agencies about finding a public home for the mural.

At one point, there was a proposal to display the giant portrait in conjunction with Jackson's July 7 memorial service at Staples Center, but nothing materialized.


Diane Haithman

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