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More than a temporary fix

July 18, 2009

Re "Worth the wait?" Editorial, July 17

The Times is right. This is not a typical year when it comes to our state budget because we're facing the most serious recession since the Depression.

That's exactly why the governor is standing firm. That's exactly why he is insisting legislators do more than a temporary fix -- he's insisting on a balanced budget with reforms that will put our state budget in a better position for future years.

I'd think fixing some of the structural problems that put our budget perpetually out of balance is something The Times would applaud. But your editorial sounds more like what we hear in Sacramento from those defending the status quo.

Californians are demanding a change to business-as-usual in Sacramento, and the governor is standing firm to deliver the reforms to make that happen.

Matt David


The writer is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's deputy chief of staff for communications.

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