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The news and Fox 11

July 18, 2009

Re "But we'll always have Jillian," Column, July 10

The real issue here is why would you look at Fox 11 at any point during the day and take it seriously? I would suggest you focus his critique on news reporting accuracy: Go after the "out of town" local anchors who don't know squat about L.A. or its history.

Victor Franco Jr.



I nearly choked on my espresso as I saw a nearly full-page article on my favorite TV personality, Jillian Reynolds. I have been a loyal "Good Day L.A." viewer for years, and everything Rainey complains about is why I love the show. I stay informed by reading The Times. If I wanted a bland, boring reading of the news, I could watch any other morning show.

Lori Forbes

Rancho Santa Margarita

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