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It won't add up for Odom

July 18, 2009

Let's review what appear to be Lamar Odom's contract options: Four years with the Lakers for $36 million versus five years somewhere else for $34 million. Even if he got a crummy contract after those four years with the Lakers, he would still be $2 million ahead and have worked one less year before adding on what he would earn with his new deal.

Would somebody please get Lamar to do the math? Oh, and then get him to fire his agent, Jeff Schwartz, since he can't seem to add either.

Bob Walter, Altadena

Lamar Odom has said he'll make the best "business decision" and what's "best for my family" regarding coming back to the Lakers. I'm sorry, can you not provide for your family at $30 million over three years? Tell that to the fans sitting up in the nosebleeds who have supported you and backed you even when you were at your worst. Tell them $30 million isn't enough for your candy bill. At the end of it all, Ron Artest said it best, "If you can't live off $30 million, you're not living."

Suddenly, Artest is the voice of reason.

Shaan Hassan

Newport Beach


After Lamar Odom failed to accept the Lakers' very generous offer in this economy, any team that considers signing him should first require a series of drug tests.

Adam Platts



Anybody on the street could have got this done: $9 million a year for four years, plus a candy store.

How hard was that?

Jerry Roberts


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