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'Captain Underpants and the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies'; 'The Riot Brothers Books'; 'The Frog Princess'

July 19, 2009

"Captain Underpants and the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies"

Dav Pilkey

George and Harold are always into mischief. There is a mean principal named Mr. Krupp. George and Harold turn the principal into Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants becomes a hero. I liked this book because Captain Underpants is funny. When the principal turns into Captain Underpants, he wears underwear and loses his hair. My favorite part is when Captain Underpants saves the day. This is the best book in the school.

Reviewed by Fernando, 8

Los Feliz Elementary Los Angeles

The Riot Brothers Books

Mary Amato

"Take the Mummy and Run: The Riot Brothers Are on a Roll" is so funny! Sometimes I couldn't stop laughing for two minutes! They try to find a lost mummy but wind up scaring themselves. There are three other Riot Brothers books and Wilbur and Orville are the main characters. They solve missions and make up rules they have to follow. They always get surprised by how they finish their missions. Once the Riot Brothers try to earn money so they sing songs to their neighbors, but they turned into insults. If you like funny books you have to read the Riot Brothers.

Reviewed by Harrison, 8

Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts Los Angeles

"The Frog Princess"

E.D. Baker

Emeralda, a clumsy princess, meets a frog. He seems annoying and rude. One day, the frog asks Emeralda to kiss him and she says yes. After they kiss, there are two frogs in the murky pond. The princess finds out how to live like a frog, more about frogs, and how to eat flies. When you hear the word "frog," "thrilling adventure" doesn't leap to your mind, but once you read this book, that attitude will change drastically.

Reviewed by Eden, 11

Ivanhoe Elementary Los Angeles

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