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Madewell's '37s jeans

The denim has a skinny fit and a pretty skinny price.

July 19, 2009|Melissa Magsaysay

The current trend in denim may be all about the distressed look, but Madewell is keeping its focus on basics with the launch of '37s -- a line of simple, straightforward, super-skinny jeans.

Named for the year the Madewell label was started, '37s come in just one skinny fit, with five different washes that range from an edgy gray-and-black tie dye to a more conservative deep indigo.

The eye-catching price: $59.50 -- well under the $95 Madewell charges for most jeans, and far below the $150 level of most premium labels. Plans are to eventually expand '37s' fuss-free approach to denim to include more styles.

The debut '37s have a fit that's surprisingly good for $60 jeans (or as good as an unforgiving skinny style can possibly be). Lines through the waist and hips are clean, with no lumpy pockets or extra bunchy fabric. The leg is snug all the way down, but there is some extra length at the ankle, which causes scrunching and breaks the sleek line.

A straight, crisp hem at the ankle would look more polished, but these are jeans you're supposed to wear more like knock-arounds and buy in every color. And at this price, it's actually possible to buy multiples if the fit works for your body.

The '37s are available at Madewell in Century City and Glendale.


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